GL router performance for "Tor router"

I am considering using a GL router for TOR. This way I can just use regular Linux, and everything would be encrypted end to end, right? I notice there is a new GL router model, with 256 ram … would it be worth getting over the 128mb version? Would it run TOR faster because it has upgraded RAM ???

Any suggestions would be great. I am just trying to browse with no trackers/worries. I assume this would be OK? Or should I pay for Nord VPN for my router?

What do you think?? Thanks

You can use Tor Browser Bundle on regular Linux distributions, you don’t need to specifically use a privacy focused OS like TAILS but it might be easier to buy a secondhand laptop solely for privacy OS use, so you can run whatever OS you prefer on your main device.

The 256MB model would perhaps be better than the 128MB model but ultimately it will depend firstly upon the speed of your ISP connection and secondly upon the speed of the circuit you are given. I know people with 1GB/s connections but they only get about 5MB/s download speed with Tor since the Tor network controls everything rather than the direct ISP.

Adding a VPN won’t hurt, especially if you wish to hide Tor use from your ISP, just don’t go with NordVPN as they’re basically the Walmart of VPNs, do research and select a VPN who’s legitimacy has been proven in a legal court. If you want VPN + TOR and still have decent speed then you will need a VPN company which uses WireGuard as OpenVPN with TOR is very slow in most test cases.

*Edit: I should also add that the trackers you speak of are something which would be handled by the browser rather than what network you are using. If you use Tor Browser Bundle on any OS then trackers aren’t an issue since it deals with them by default, if you want another browser then maybe try Brave. Its also worth noting that you shouldn’t use Tor Browser Bundle on a device connecting to the internet through a Tor configured router as its trying to pass TOR over TOR which will lead to problems. With a TOR configured router you could access .onion services in any browser but again this is a bad idea as you will stand out against all the others who are connected through the Browser Bundle, this is the reason why I suggested one device for security using Tor and another device for daily non Tor related use.

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