11.5.1: Onboarding "Learn more" link directs to old release announcement

Issue description:

In onboarding, the link in the bottom left menu called “Learn more” directs the user to the release announcement for TB 11.0: Tor Project | Tor Browser 11.0
This is despite there having been a release announcement for the current version: Tor Project | Tor Browser 11.5

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to about:tor
  2. Click on “New to Tor Browser?” in upper left corner
  3. Click on “Learn more” in the bottom left menu
  4. Notice the issue


Browser: Tor Browser 11.5.1 64-bit (English)
OS: Fedora Linux 36, 64-bit, Wayland
Security level: standard
Installation type: Downloaded from Tor Project | Download Tor Browser. Signature verified.

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Thanks for reporting @purplish! I’ve opened a ticket to fix this here:

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