Why no campaign against US and EU anti-encryption bills?

Both the US and the EU now want to monitor all internet communications, but there has been a deafening silence in reaction; nobody, not even Tor, Monero, or privacytools.io, is trying to raise awareness. There have been a few blog postings, such as this one from Tutanota, but there hasn’t been much else. Why aren’t there banners and blackouts all over the place like when SOPA was proposed? As an example:

Is this deafening quiet a veiled recognition that the digital rights movement is doomed? Is there any hope left?


US and EU already do and they did this before (scan the net/messages) so what changes? You can not force every company, even tho there are so much different encrypted protocols, decentralized networks…
You cant break encryption just like that, it need “backdoor” and well the “backdoor” is/was already in facebook/google so… Use real encrypted app and problem solved.


If Apple’s previous intentions are any indication, backdoors will almost certainly be implemented if these legislation are passed. That will be the end of digital privacy if that happens. Even Tor will lose its use; after all, what good is an anonymous browser if your hardware is spying on you?

Hecoobuh so you telling me that hardware will spy on us? and what about software that encrypt communication? vpn? tor? how the fuck you want to get it decrypted? so apple will now have quantum cpu special cores? sure :smiley:

We’re doomed.

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People here clearly haven’t read about things such as intel management engine, your hardware is spying on you and encryption is worthless if the data is extracted at hardware level. If you get keylogged by the hardware in your keyboard then adding tor just means they receive the data from an exit node instead of home ip

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Yes indeed some of us are well read on various subjects including fun ways to exploit air-gap systems!

Here’s a small sample:

Air-Gap Research Page

Naughty hardware betrays the human. So what’s the solution? I don’t see any, especially when certain companies (cough cough M$) have sway over new hardware designs.

In the end, it’s all Alphabet soup anyway, so what are you gonna do?

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I’m sorry but this is just hyperbole. This is not going to break Tor and no, IMEI is not logging your keystrokes. Evidence, please.