Tor Relay Search showing location of some relays incorrectly


I noticed that for some of my relays the Tor metrics page is showing an incorrect location. Should I be bothered and is there any way to fix it?


  • Fingerprint 6229DA468C49BE4B93A72B66DEC3F1C14594B9D8 is showing up as located in Australia with AS number “AS0” and AS Name “unknown” - This relay is actually located in the UK. Link: Relay Search

  • Fingerprint 470E022CB539F567F3CCD48B339DB7ECB5EC0C48 has the correct AS Number and AS Name, but is actually located in the USA instead of Germany. This is true for all 52 relays I am hosting at this AS. Link: Relay Search

  • Fingerprint D5EE34CB17A9896B39CCE8362FE92EBB17E56A4A has the correct AS Number and AS Name, but is actually located in Japan instead of the USA. Link: Relay Search


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Moving this to the Relay Operator category since it has to do with ipfire geoip rather than our website. Please refer to Ticket #40336 for more information on this!


Thanks for moving it to the right category.

This however, is not the 100% solution. Let’s just look at the first relay I mentioned on ipfire: - Location of

Bang, it shows up correctly. It just doesn’t do so on Tor Relay Search: Relay Search

For the other two examples the data between ipfire and Tor Relay Search matches and I will try it as described in the link.

Just a quick update - I opened a ticket at the ipfire project for this on December 20th as described in the link by @championquizzer

A bit more than a week later, nothing has changed. I received I think 3 or 4 emails from them asking me to donate to the project (which is probably a cool cause - didn’t look into it much), but in terms of location lookup nothing has happened.

I’ll update this thread if things should change. I know it’s just been Christmas.

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Quick update: The location change I requested on IPfire is done now and it is already starting to show on the Tor Relay Search page.

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Sorry to bump, but this issue is happening again for a lot of OVH servers in Australia. Many are being listed as being in Canada, for example, is showing up in Canada.