Shrink Tor binary size

I’m working on a firmware for routers based on OpenWrt and I thinking to add Tor out of the box.
This may be very useful for tunneling i.e. Hidden Service but maybe some users may want to use it as SOCKS proxy but I’m afraid it would be too slow.
The Tor is already ported to OpenWrt but binary is more than 2mb. For 16mb routers this is not critical but a lot.
So now I’m curious: is it possible to compile Tor without some features?
As far I understood from autoconf I can disable Relay functionality.
But maybe I can also remove some admin api parts or even the SOCKS proxy.

As a side question: is it possible to make a small relay proxy that can work part time when I sleep?
Imagine that each router already has a Tor. This is potentially thousands of relay nodes. But users don’t want to loose bandwidth. I see that I can set some traffic or bandwidth limit.
But maybe I can write some script that will enable or disable relay by schedule at evening.
As far I know relays must be always online so this will make the relay unstable and it won’t be used by Tor.
Is it possible technically?

Thank you all

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