Relay or Bridge

I have just bought a new VPS - 1 core 1 gb RAM - unlimited bandwidth at 10Mbps port speed.
(1) What do you think it’s a better usage for it. TOR Relay or obfs4 bridge?

(2) If i make it now a Relay and next year i decide to transform it a Bridge will be a problem, or the oppressor regimes will ban now the IP address and as a bridge will have no use?


Given these conditions, I would only set up a bridge.
A relay should have more bandwidth and power to run properly.


I am at the limit with the bandwidth if y would read Tor Project | Relay requirements

But i have seen so many relays below 10 Mbit that can run as bridges

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It may well be that there are still a few.
However, also consider how many connections come to a relay and how quickly everyone would like to have the data on their end device.

In my opinion, the minimum requirements should be revised.
These are a few years old and no longer up to date.

Any other opinions?

For the moment i configured it as a bridge. I have other one configured as a relay. I will monitor the traffic for 2 months and do reconversion based on the results…

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