Online Hacking Week at The Tor Project

The Tor Project and Tor community is going to be gathering online from June 27th to July 1st this year for a 5 days hackweek.

This is a call for projects for whoever wants to participate, put together a team and hack through that last week of June with us. In the context of this hackweek, a project is anything related to Tor that you can work with other people in 5 days. It could be a coding project or something to analyze data but it could also be a cartoon or anything that do not necesary requires coding skills. You will work on this project during 5 days with other people in your team. At the end we are going to have a demo in a Big Blue Button’s room where your team will present the work you did through the week.

This will be the timeline for the hackweek:

  • Send hackweek project proposals to this portal: Before hackweek begins, start looking for other people to join your team. People will also have the opportunity to join your team on Monday when the hackweek begins.

  • Monday, June 27th: Hackweek begins. The liaisons for each project will present their projects in a BBB room (we will post the link the same Monday). By this time, you should have a few members of your team already identified.

  • Hack hack hack hack… in whatever way you organize yourself. We will have the room #tor in to discuss general hackweek things.

  • Friday, July 1st: Hackweek ends. Each team presents the work they did in a BBB room.

We will be updating the list of projects in . Each project will have one pad (you can use with all information that people need to add themselves to that project.


Wow! Sounds good. I’m currently in the process of putting a team together! :slight_smile:


Can I join in?

@SHooter, by all means! Watch this space for more updates but the Hackweek commences next Monday. You can have a look at the proposed projects:

Unfortunately I’m new to this, mind showing me the ropes?

Sure. On Monday (27th June) we will have a Big Blue Button call (the link will be shared beforehand) where all project liaisons will present their projects - details about the project, skills required, goals of the project, etc. According to your interests you can then join a team and the teams will work on their projects throughout the week. On Friday, each team will then present their work concluding the hackweek.

You can a see a list of projects that have been proposed on the URL I shared earlier. Do have a look and see which one of them you will be interested to work on during the hackweek.

For any other updates, I recommend watching this space. I hope that helps!


Honest question: why this when you could use this time and energy to launch a campaign opposing anti-encryption bills in the US and EU? Apple’s plans show that, if these proposals are enacted, they will be implemented in the worst way imaginable: backdoors in all new devices.

Your precious anonymous browser will be worthless when users can no longer trust their devices to not spy on them, and all the work you put into developing it will go to waste. Including this very hack week.