New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.1

Unprotected = no add-ons such as Ublock, add-on antivirus etc.
it still doesn’t work on all OS’s

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Earlier today I was trying to donate to the Open Broadcaster Software project via their Open Collective page and experienced a tab crash.

OS: Windows 10
Security level: Standard

Steps to reproduce:

Thanks @Gatsby, I’ve added your reports to this ticket: Bug #40721

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While we are able to “use” Protonmail, using the link provided for a supposed “workaround,” that link is NOT “onion” and therefore, not quite a proper “workaround.” However, thank you for your help!

Hello - none of the Protonmail workarounds on this page actually work, in my experience - so I must assume none of the other problems identified on this thread have been resolved.

With regard to all the problems identified on this page - they should have been identified by the Tor technical staff (it’s their job, not ours).
If it had been released, and it took 48 hours for the flaws in v11-0-1 to be identified and replaced, that would still be at least 24 hours too many.

Hi @SpiralInsana, you can find a list of the known issues in Tor Browser 11.0.1 in the first post of this thread, and follow the linked tickets for updates too.

Hey @Armadillo, regarding your original question which never got answered – we’re currently updating Tor Browser for Android to use a newer version of Fenix (a.k.a. Firefox for Android), which included some significant changes. Tor Browser 11 for Android will be released shortly after the update is complete and has been tested by our alpha testers. Thanks for your patience!


Hi @MrYnLA, I understand – a working onion site would certainly be preferable. We’re looking into the issue and you can follow this ticket for updates if you wish: Bug #40721

In the meantime, I’m glad to hear that the old domain seems to be working.

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Adding my own encounter with bug 40721, the entire site crashes immediately on loading, regardless of what page or however many refreshes you do. This happened on both 11.0 and 11.0.1.

Hi @chronoquairium, are you running Windows 10 as well?

Yes, Windows 10 - Pro if that matters. I looked through the bug report and several duplicates and everything matches up, except that this also happened on 11.0, which seems to be just me. Since the update, the crash did not change either in when or where it happened.

Thanks for confirming @chronoquairium! I suspect the issue was present in 11.0 too, it just didn’t get reported (or discovered by the reporters) until 11.0.1. Your experience definitely corroborates this.

OK … let’s try this again;

“Please advise as to how to best mitigate the multitude of issues with this new release, and/or best means to revert back to the previous working TOR browser so we may continue our vital work.”

So, do we revert to previous version/s of Tor?

… And how would it be done safely and without losing anything?

… OR do we switch to other browsers or solutions?

Another words, what do we do in the meantime?

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UPDATE: this “solution” actually does NOT work all the time. There are instances (when logged-in via the same issues (TAB crash) happen and therefore render TOR Browser USELESS (unusable!)

UNACCEPTABLE and many of our users have mostly removed ALL instances of TOR Browser!

Unfortunately, there has been NO useful communication of any kind from the “TOR” “camp” . . . that is, WE (appears to be Windows 10 users) are NOT able to use the TOR browser unless some extraordinary steps are taken. The ONLY way in which WE (and I do mean several hundred users in the Los Angeles, CA, USA area) are able to use the TOR browser, is by (1) removing TOR version 11.0.1 from our devices, completely, then (2) re-installing TOR version 10.5.8, then (3) running the TOR browser WITHOUT a connection (so NO UPDATES happen), then (4) in Options, Tor Browser Updates, Allow Tor Browser to, select option “check for updates but let you choose to install them” and finally (5) CONNECT the TOR Browser to the TOR Network and IGNORE the stupid messages that there is an update available!

NO OTHER method/solution, so far, allows US to use the TOR Browser without the multitude of issues plaguing Windows 10 users. I guess only WE take care of US! 'nuff said!

Hi @MrYnLA, sorry to hear that your organization is having issues with the latest Tor Browser release. Please remember that the Tor Project is a small non-profit.
Windows users reported that they could use ProtonMail onion service without issues: it’s a secure and official version of their website. You can visit here: https://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/login
Or, after loading, you can click on ".onion available" purple pill.