Iran: Circumventing Censorship with Tor

Does enabling uTLS have any performance impact?

I don’t know if performance impact has ever been measured. It’s not the kind of thing I would expect to affect performance. I suppose it could cause the selection of ciphersuites that are less optimized for a given platform.

All three are working with no errors - TB for Mac

10/18/22, 04:43:45.786 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections.
10/18/22, 04:43:45.790 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on
10/18/22, 04:43:45.790 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener connection (ready) on
10/18/22, 04:43:46.793 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 1% (conn_pt): Connecting to pluggable transport
10/18/22, 04:43:46.794 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 2% (conn_done_pt): Connected to pluggable transport
10/18/22, 04:43:46.795 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay
10/18/22, 04:43:47.262 [NOTICE] Managed proxy “PluggableTransports/snowflake-client”: offer created
10/18/22, 04:43:48.188 [NOTICE] Managed proxy “PluggableTransports/snowflake-client”: broker rendezvous peer received
10/18/22, 04:43:49.856 [NOTICE] Managed proxy “PluggableTransports/snowflake-client”: connected
10/18/22, 04:43:50.860 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 14% (handshake): Handshaking with a relay
10/18/22, 04:43:50.312 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 15% (handshake_done): Handshake with a relay done
10/18/22, 04:43:50.313 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 75% (enough_dirinfo): Loaded enough directory info to build circuits
10/18/22, 04:43:50.313 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 95% (circuit_create): Establishing a Tor circuit
10/18/22, 04:43:51.298 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 100% (done): Done
10/18/22, 04:43:51.355 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
10/18/22, 04:43:58.248 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
10/18/22, 05:10:34.398 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
10/18/22, 05:10:42.827 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
10/18/22, 05:13:45.674 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from

uTLS support in Orbot for Android with 16.6.3-BETA-2

A beta release of Orbot for Android enables TLS camouflage. This may be enough to unblock Orbot in Iran.

To try it, download and install the APK, tap Use Bridges on the main screen, then Connect through other Tor users using Snowflake (Method 1 or Method 2), then go back to the main screen, and Start. There is no separate step needed to enable uTLS.

This release also makes it possible to see the snowflake-client log. If there’s a failure to connect, it will help us figure out what is going wrong. Enable SettingsDebug Log, then go back to the main screen and Start. Tap on a status message to show the tor log, then tap the :snowflake: snowflake icon to view the snowflake-client log.


Tor browser 11.0.14 was working perfectly but after update to latest version today it stop to connect to any bridges. i had a backup of old version i installed old one and it connect normally. but latest version not connect at all. whats problem with new version ?
Os: Linux mint 64

@xrad, have you been using snowflake? This might be related to the issue preventing Snowflake from connecting in Tor Browser 11.5.5, see: New Release: Tor Browser 11.5.5 (Android, Windows, macOS, Linux) - #3 by championquizzer


Please upgrade to 11.5.6.


update to 11.5.6 solved the problem. tnx

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