IPv6 with dynamic prefix behind NAT

The Tor developers should check if this is a currently unsupported functionality or a bug.

Hello @Dosee, it seems a bug. I created a ticket for this issue. Meanwhile, you can disable your relay IPv6.


Thank you very much

Same problem here behind my AVM Fritzboxq

Nov 25 13:57:23 xxx Tor[2369]: Auto-discovered IPv6 address [2003:xx:270a:e300:xx37:2622:a0d9:xxx]:9852 has not been found reachable. However, IPv4 address is reachable. Publishing server descriptor without IPv6 address. [2 similar message(s) suppressed in last 2400 seconds]

is there already a solution?

Thanks and greetings from Bavaria

No, you can disable IPv6 for now.

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