How can I get an onion domain email address?

I want a free onion domain email address. But I don’t know where to get it. So please tell me! ! If possible, please support IMAP or POP.

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Hi @RicoHenry

There are many to choose from.
From my own user experience I recommend Daniel Winzen,

SMTP, IMAP & POP3 are supported so it functions very well with email clients like Thunderbird, which will auto-configure when you input your danwin email address & password.

With Thunderbird you can also generate a PGP encryption key (strongly recommended) & the Thunderbird client can be configured to use Tor as a Socks5 proxy port 9050

Please consider making a donation. The service provided by Daniel is gratis but it’s good karma to donate for all the time & effort put in to makes services like this possible.

After all, many similar services require a financial subscription by default.

Well, it’s probably not the best currently:

Can you access it, @ukmr?