Brave Search is Being Bad :(

A couple days ago, I posted asking how to add Brave search as my default search engine here:

Now, I see that Brave is blocking Tor requests for search :frowning: This make me sad, but maybe Brave will change this in the future? Overall, I have a good impression of Brave’s respect for user privacy, but this really makes me second-guess whether I should use Brave search.

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The founder of Brave is also the inventor of JavaScript. Don’t expect too much of it. Very lame though.

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I would like to point out that Brave is not a non-profit project that cares about the privacy of its users. This is just a promise of their advertising.

There have been many problems, here is just a small selection:. Brave (web browser) - Wikipedia


Neither is the company behind the Tor Browser’s default search engine? I’ve always wondered why DDG seems to be the most trusted privacy-oriented search engine; is the no-tracking policy somehow verifiable?

Regarding the OP, I have tested Brave Search on several circuits and I got a no-robot-check once. So probably not blocking exits specifically, but not particularly Tor-friendly either. Which is funny considering Brave Browser has this ‘Tor’ mode included for extra theatre. TB in safest mode does work, though.

An interesting read here:

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Same. I only use it because they provide an .onion service:


^ the “html” portion is for users with Javascript disabled. (further disabled in about:config, javascript.enabled toggled to false, and Tor Browser’s Security Level set to Safest)