Bookmarks, Toolbars (fingerprinting)

I saw Saving bookmarks, customize toolbar (locked topic).
And I remembered reading, that it was possible to fingerprint someone through the favicons of their bookmarks. I also remember, that for people with custom DPI, enabling toolbars would create fingerprintable screen dimensions not fixed by letterboxing.

Are these issues present in TorBrowser, or are they fixed?

If there are/were any other issues connected to bookmarks and toolbars. I think it would be great to collect them in one place (easier to find), so feel free to make a post about it.

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In the past I read somewhere on the web about several downsides to having favicons enabled. IIRC, there were a few security/privacy issues and last but not least, the bloating of the bookmarks.html file should you archive it and import it later. There is no good reason for favicons to be enabled, period.

I proposed they be disabled in Tor Browser, see here for the thread: