Bandwidth scanner: Consensus weight far lower than advertised bandwidth

I have recently re-keyed my two middle relays: #1 and #2.

I have CenturyLink Fiber hosting the two relays and am located in Seattle, WA.

I have noticed that since re-keying, while my advertised bandwidth and consensus weight are far higher than they were pre-congestion control (thank you!), presumably since I’m not stuck in a ‘slow partition’ anymore, the consensus weight is still 1/3 of the advertised bandwidth.

The discrepancy has gotten better over a few days, but still exists. Would the discrepancy eventually go away as I ramp up, or is it here to stay due to my location in Seattle, versus say an east coast city like NYC or Boston (or Europe)?

BTW if you remember my “latency spikes” post, well I “fixed” it. There was a 16,384 TCP connection limit with my ISP’s ONT/modem. I had to clone it to fix it, but now it’s perfect.