AV flags a suspicious connection when launching Tor Browser

Hello Everyone.
I launched my Tor client and when it connected to Tor network my AV flagged a suspicious connection from tor.exe. I haven’t yet opened any web pages at this point. My AV is Bitdefender, free version.
The URL it tried to connect to is weird. VirusTotal says only Bitdefender and G-Data flags it as malicious.
What’s even more weird is that the domain is not registered and can not be resolved to an ip adress.
Can someone shade some light on this issue?

  • OS Windows 10
  • Tor Browser version 12.0.3
  • Tor Browser Security Level SAFER
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it
    Happened only once, couldn’t reproduce but another user reported same issue on Reddit. The only difference is that the other user was using Whonix.
  • The Tor log
    Sorry, I hadn’t the reflex to check for logs at this time :frowning: